Get Involved

DVNN is made up of ordinary Vermonters, like you, who want to help welcome our new neighbors. If you would like to join us, you can:

  • Hire a refugee who is eager to work.

  • Rent to a refugee who needs housing.

  • Donate cash, clothing, furniture, or household goods.

  • Volunteer with one of our teams – offer rides, search for jobs, or invite refugees to social events.

Got a job vacancy?

The labor market is tight. Our new neighbors will bring much needed workers to the Deerfield Valley. Interested in hiring someone? Here are some of the most-asked questions employers have about hiring refugees.

Learn more about hiring refugees

Got an apartment to rent?

Are you a landlord? Are you looking for a reliable, long-term tenant? Here are some reasons why renting to refugees is a smart investment.

Learn more about renting to refugees


We are seeking donations to help fund our efforts to welcome our new neighbors into the community. Donations made to DVNN will be used for approved expenses, including essential goods and services critical to establishing a household in the valley.

Send a check:

  1. Make a check out to “ECDC-MCC”

  2. In the memo field, write “Deerfield Valley Co-Sponsorship”

  3. Mail it to: Mike Eldred, 17 North Main Street, Wilmington, VT 05363

Donate online:

  1. Go to

  2. Under “Select the office/purpose that you are donating to,” select ECDC MCC – Brattleboro

  3. Under “Are you donating on behalf of a specific co-sponsorship team?” select Yes

  4. Under “Co-sponsorship team name,” type Deerfield Valley New Neighbors

Donate goods: Refugees arrive with as little as a suitcase, and each family has unique needs. Contact if you can donate furniture, household goods, appliances, electronics, toys, new supplies and toiletries, or clothing.


There are six volunteer teams. When you volunteer to join a team via the sign-up form below, your team leader will note your name and contact information and get in touch when a refugee needs a ride, a job interview, or a school event. There is no obligation, and you can set any limits on your time and availability.

Housing & Welcome

Help find housing; donate furniture or household items; volunteer to work with refugees to understand life in Vermont.

Jobs & Finance

Help find jobs or job training; volunteer to work with refugees to understand banking, bills, and finance.


Offer rides to appointments, work, school, errands, and events; help refugees use the Moover and other transportation.


Help find medical providers such as PCPs, dentists, or eye care; donate household first-aid and hygiene supplies.


Help families navigate the school system; help find childcare or babysitting; donate school supplies; volunteer to accompany refugees to school athletics, performances, and events.

Cultural & Social

Give tours of the community; accompany refugees to events such as festivals; host a gathering; share food; invite refugees to social events.